Saturday, 30 May 2009

Awesome Minigore Tagline Contest!

Hello there iPod touch fans,

Santa stumbled here as if by accident and found seems to be great many enthusiastic young gamers living in this corner of the Interwebs! Why is Santa here, you might think? He hooked up with the developers of Mountain Sheep just a little while ago, because they wanted to put Santa in their upcoming iPhone game, Hardgore. Well, they really got us excited about it all and here we are, not so many months later, spreading the evangelium!

Instead of Hardgore, Santa is here today to talk about Minigore. It is a prequel to Hardgore and even though there is mini in the name, it is by no means a puppy. It's a real beast of a survival shooter! Well, if you don't know what Santa is talking about, then you should watch the teaser trailer right away. There is also a thread, kindly created for our enjoyment by Kartel, which shows a thing or two about Minigore.

Enough of our ranting -- how would you be interested in a little contest? More specifically...

That's right. As you can observe, the task is to come up with so good a tagline for Minigore that even Santa could put it in his signature. Use up to six 6 words to describe what a beast of a game Minigore is to help Mountain Sheep draw some major-league attention to it! No, despite the major leagues Santa will not accept baseball taglines.

Like Santa already told you, Minigore is an awe-inducing representative of the survival shooter species. You step into the shoes of John Gore who finds himself lost in a strange place called the Hardland. Everything would be suitably nice and peaceful if it weren't for the darned furries. These black creatures seem to have an unexplained grudge against our blue-coated hero, and with so many of them out there, Santa sure is glad John managed to hold onto his machine gun!

Mail your entry to the address in the poster by June 13. The grand prize is truly epic in proportions; you get to be in the game as a professionally modeled 3d-character, executed in the true Hardgore style! The model will be added to the game in the first update.

Santa also has a few brand new screenshots for y'all... well as a few examples for taglines he invented, to help you find the mood!

Minigore: Just bleed! (yes, Santa watches the UFC)
Minigore: I ain't got time to bleed (for all the Predators out there)
Minigore: When the going gets tough!
Minigore: It's a strange world out there...
Minigore: Die Hard Gore (very playful, indeed)

If more than one people enters the contest with the same entry independently and it so happens that this entry wins, then the Mountain Sheep team will make a Frankenstein model with features from all the winners in it!

Santa wishes the best of luck to everyone! Now, go, think up great taglines and tell all your friends to follow suit!

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